SOLA is the Quebec chapter of The Gospel Coalition. We are convinced that the gospel is both the beginning point of a reconciled relationship with God, as well as the fundamental driving force for an intimate relationship with God.

Our vision is to contribute to a movement of the gospel in Quebec by producing and promoting gospel-centered resources for God’s glory. 

You can help us accomplish this vision in two ways:

1. Pray for SOLA! 

Pray that SOLA would motivate and excite believers in Quebec to deepen their theology through knowledge of the Scriptures and to develop a missional vision of the Christian life. 

2. Consider financial partnership with us.

Generosity is a christian virtue that can manifest itself in many ways. Some will give of their time in prayer, others will volunteer at our conferences, and still others will contribute financially to our initiative. 

What will my donation be used for?

If you are considering giving to SOLA, thank you! Please know that all donations received by SOLA will support the operations necessary to produce and diffuse Gospel-centered content. This may include producing and recording podcasts and video content, translating English articles into French, writing and editing French articles, as well as organizing conferences and training workshops. In addition, your donations will support the web platforms that allow us to distribute our content.

SOLA is a non-profit organization and therefore reinvests all profits in its operation and in the work of the gospel in Quebec. If you are ready to give, you can click on the button “Give” below which will direct you to a financial contribution. SOLA is a non-profit organization registered with the Government of Canada, so you will have access to a receipt for income tax purposes as soon as your donation is made.

You are encouraged to freely share all the resources available on this website by including the link. If you would like to translate any of our content, please contact us.